Pekanbaru, November 20, 2021 – SMP Juara Pekanbaru held a spectacular event, the Graduation of Memorizing the Entire Quran (Tahfidz) of 30 Juz. A total of 19 students from SMP Juara Pekanbaru graduated from the Tahfidh 30 Juz Generation 1. The graduation ceremony was held in the Ball Room on the 6th floor of Evo Building.

The theme of this graduation ceremony was “Generation of the Quran, Generation of the Quran,” enlivened by various solemn activities and creative performances by the students.

The event began with a Welcome Speech by Mr. Imam Faisal, S.Pdi, the committee chairman. In his speech, he mentioned that the Tahfizh program had been implemented for almost 1 year with great enthusiasm, allowing the students to successfully complete their respective targets. The event then continued with a speech from the Head of SMP Juara Pekanbaru, Mr. Syahrul Padilah, S.Pd, who emphasized that the Graduation of Memorizing the Entire Quran (Tahfidz) of 30 Juz, Generation 1, was a golden moment. He highlighted that a total of 15 students completed memorizing the entire Quran (30 Juz), while 4 students reached Juz 10, 17, and 26. The event proceeded with a speech from the BM of Rumah Zakat. In his speech, he mentioned that 7 students from Anak Juara Rumah Zakat graduated on this occasion. He expressed that Rumah Zakat always supports the programs implemented by the school. This Tahfidz program is one of Rumah Zakat’s commitments to produce students who have memorized the entire Quran (30 Juz).

The event continued with a speech from the Director of Indonesia Juara. In his speech, Mr. Muhammad Sobirin congratulated all the students who participated in the Tahfidz graduation. “This Tahfidz graduation program for memorizing the entire Quran of 30 Juz is the largest graduation we’ve had,” he expressed.

During this opportunity, the students were also motivated by Ustadz K. Ahyar Rifki, Lc, MH, who spoke about the nobility of memorizing the Quran. He emphasized how noble the individuals who memorize the Quran are. Additionally, in his advice, he encouraged each student not to forget and to strive to apply the teachings of the Quran in their lives.

The atmosphere was filled with tears as they entered the session where the students presented crowns to their parents. Each student asked for prayers with hope that their parents would pray for them to maintain their memorization.

In the last session, Mr. Wawan conveyed his message and impression. As a parent of a Tahfizh student, he felt how excellent the program implemented by SMP Juara Pekanbaru was, especially regarding the Quran program. “I hope this program becomes a flagship program, and more parents register their children at SMP Juara to produce Quran memorizers,” he expressed.