Our Purpose

Indonesia Juara is a legal entity in the form of a foundation that operates in the fields of education, social affairs, religion, and humanity. Indonesia Juara is committed to providing the best for society in improving the quality of education in Indonesia through collaboration with various parties, as well as supporting learning towards the intelligence and independence of students through the “Sekolah Juara” program based on social enterprise, where each school allocates quotas for scholarship students.


Creating Excellent, Creative, And Globally Competitive Generation


1. Implementing High-Quality Education Programs with Innovative and Sustainable Approaches.
2. Building Strategic Collaborations to Strengthen the Nation’s Education System.

Our Story

The first Sekolah Juara, named SD Juara Bandung, was inaugurated on July 7, 2007, with subsequent rapid growth facilitated by partnerships, notably with Yayasan Indonesia Juara. By 2017, Sekolah Juara had expanded to include 19 units across Indonesia, encompassing various educational levels from kindergarten to vocational school, spread across 10 provinces and 17 districts/cities.

Our Value


Always speaking the truth, being brave enough to admit mistakes, and willing to apologize for them


Maintaining discipline in school activities, fostering independence, and showing resilience by not easily giving up


Striving to fulfill agreed-upon promises and being responsible in carrying out one’s duties as a student.


Regularly performing obligatory prayers on time, for males performing congregational prayers in the mosque, reading the Quran daily, habitual prayer in all circumstances, showing respect to parents and teachers, and demonstrating care for others and the environment


Demonstrating bravery and confidence in every action, being enthusiastic and curious in learning, showing initiative, being critical and innovative, being communicative and able to collaborate with anyone, and being accustomed to competition and being ready for the outcomes.



Alumni SMP Juara Bandung Angkatan  3

I’m Maulana, an alumnus of SMP Juara, now working as a Geotechnical Engineer at PT Freeport Indonesia. SMP Juara wasn’t just a place to study; it was where character was formed. Interactive learning, close teacher-student relationships, and extracurricular activities like Juara Peduli, Quranic recitation guidance, and entrepreneurship shaped us. Schooling at SMP Juara is unforgettable, honing character, vision, care, and soft skills.

Syafitri Anggraeni

Mahasiswa Universitas Padjadjaran
Kimia Angkatan 2021
Lulus SD Juara Bandung Tahun 2015

During my time at SD Juara, we were instilled with good habits like praying together, Quranic recitation, and punctual prayers. Discipline, honesty, and environmental care were emphasized. Innovative learning with the white-black button system rewarded goodness. Classes were made enjoyable with decorations and extracurricular activities. Teachers were attentive, patient, and guided us well. Thanks to SD Juara Bandung and its teachers for the beautiful memories.


Gita Amalia Putri

Mahasiswi Universitas Diponegoro, Biologi Angkatan 2021Lulus SD Juara Bandung Tahun 2015

I’m grateful to be part of the warm and family-friendly environment of SD Juara Bandung. Patient teachers helped me understand lessons, and classmates from grade 6 supported my social development. School programs aided my positive growth. I’ll always feel fortunate and happy to be part of SD Juara Bandung.


Azhar Mosyaik Firdaus

Mahasiswa Universitas Padjadjaran ,Sastra Arab
Alumni SD Juara Cimahi angkatan 1

At the start of SD Juara, I only knew one juz of the Quran. Every morning before lessons, we held Quranic gatherings led by gentle yet firm teachers. The nurturing environment and proven teaching methods fueled my enthusiasm and comfort in learning the Quran


Bunga Puji Lestari

Universitas Muhammadiyah Riau , S1 Akuntansi 2021
Lulus SD Juara Pekanbaru Tahun 2015

My schooling at SD Juara Pekanbaru was unforgettable. I gained valuable knowledge there. Teachers were kind, disciplined, and experienced, guiding us well. The supportive environment and good friends made learning at SD Juara Pekanbaru comfortable.

During university, I participated in the International Student Exchange Inbound Mobility Program “Cultural Fusion in Entrepreneurship: Diversity of Ideas and Practices” at the University Malaysia Kelantan and joined GenBI, a community for recipients of Bank Indonesia scholarships.


Rahmah Zikra Utami

Institut Pertanian Bogor
S1 Konservasi Sumberdaya Hutan dan Ekowisata
Alumni SD Juara Angkatan 1

Schooling at SD Juara Pekanbaru was a valuable moment where I learned to understand myself and develop my potential without fear of failure. Besides formal education, we were taught religious values as a foundation in changing times. Lessons on communication, leadership, responsibility, and activities like field trips and market days positively influenced my personal development