SD Juara Bandung’s Pencak Silat is one of the extracurricular activities with the highest number of participants. In addition to the large number of participants, the achievements obtained are also quite significant. This is evident from the various pencak silat championships previously participated in. The recent championship we participated in was the Paris Van Java Championship. The championship took place on July 15 – 16, 2023, at the Gor Futsal Jatinangor. In this championship, SD Juara sent 15 athletes, consisting of 11 athletes in the fighting category and 4 athletes in the artistic category. The 15 athletes participating in this championship are selected from grades 2 to 6 of SD Juara through a selection process.

Several days before the championship, each athlete had undergone extraordinary preparations by participating in additional training. The athletes utilized their holiday time very productively. They dedicated their time every Monday to Friday to conduct intensive pencak silat training at school. This training covered various aspects of technique, physical strength, endurance, strategy, and consistency. Through intensive training, the athletes strengthened their skills in agility, strength, technical accuracy, and mental resilience. The routine training also helped them maintain physical fitness and agility in performing complex movements. Additionally, intensive training aimed to strengthen team cooperation and fighting spirit among them.

In this championship, SD Juara Bandung’s pencak silat team achieved remarkable success by winning 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals.

Overall, the participation and success in the Paris Van Java Championship reflect the dedication, hard work, and teamwork of the SD Juara Bandung’s pencak silat athletes and coaches.

The athletes demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication in the championship. With this achievement, they have made history for the school, and their success serves as inspiration for all students at SD Juara Bandung, especially for the members of the pencak silat extracurricular activity.