Learning in the classroom themed “My Experience.” Participants are expected to have many experiences. Therefore, it is necessary to create a learning atmosphere that allows participants to gain as much experience as possible.

At SD Juara Pekanbaru, there is an Outing Class program. At first glance, it seems like a field trip, complete with transportation and refreshments. This time, first and second grade classes were given the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, namely at Kasang Kulim Zoo, located a few kilometers from the school.

Two buses were dispatched to transport the participants. They totaled 55 people, accompanied by six teachers. By taking this transportation, participants experienced riding the bus with their friends. After 30 minutes, the bus arrived at the location of Kasang Kulim Zoo. They lined up orderly to enter the educational tourism area.

Before exploring Kasang Kulim Zoo, the outing class participants had breakfast to be stronger while exploring the area. After breakfast, the adventure in the world of animals began.

The enthusiasm of the participants was evident as soon as the guide gave the walking signal. With curiosity, they approached the enclosures of various types of animals. There are many types of animals in Kasang Kulim Zoo, such as various birds, reptiles, and primates.

The outing class participants were most enthusiastic about feeding the elephants. Their small hands bravely reached out to the elephant trunks to feed them carrots. After feeding the elephants, they continued to feed horses and deer with water spinach.

The happiness was clearly visible on the faces of the outing participants. They were happy and proud to be able to feed animals that they don’t easily encounter elsewhere. After satisfyingly feeding these animals, the outing participants immediately approached the crocodile and lion enclosures. These intimidating animals sparked the curiosity of the students. They wanted to see them up close.

After exploring Kasang Kulim Zoo for over an hour, and experiencing interaction with various forms and behaviors of animals there, the students returned to school. Their chatter on the way back indicated that they were very satisfied with the learning activities outside the classroom. The experience at Kasang Kulim Zoo was very impressive and will always be remembered. Learning in the classroom also became easier because they already had experiences outside the classroom about the learning topics.